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This page is decicated to this special hand made custom bass.

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The British bass builder Wal are currently quoting 4 years+ as a delivery time, plus an average start price of around £6.5K. ($8,200USD) Therefore a customer of mine (Mark Newman) suggested making one of my Zoot shapes, we decided the Zoot Boudica 32” or 34" shape suited this idea best, but using the Wal bass build specifications with regards to timbers and finish, and then fitting it out with components as close to an original Wal bass as possible. After finalising a full specification for the bass with Mark, he then placed the order,  and the result was the

“Zoot Wal-a-like” in a Zoot Boudica package.

Basic specifications

Body: Carved top with Mahogany core and Padauk front and rear facings, divided by Maple veneer accent lines.

Body thickness: 43mm

Body finish: Satin wax & oil.

Neck: 5 pcs laminated neck from figured North American Maple and Wendge, with two Carbon reinforcing rods.

Neck profile: Classic “Wal” 'V' on this model, but all profiles are available at no extra cost.

Neck finish: Hi-gloss Polyester to the face of the headstock with Satin Polyester to back of neck.

Nut width: 38mm on this model, but 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm are all no cost options.

Fingerboard: African Ebony with MOP dots and Jescar Gold Evo 55090 fret wire, compounded 16” radius, other fingerboard woods are available.

Truss Rod: Bi-flex two way rod adjustable from the body end.

Machine Heads: Hipshot ultralites.

String retaining bar: Quick change Hipshot ultralite.

Strap buttons: Schaller 'S' locks.

Mono rail bridge sections: ABM mono rails 17.5mm spacing on this model, but other spacings are available at no extra cost. (Hipshot 'A' bridge is also available as a no cost option)

Pickups: Custom hand made Veijo Rautia Multi coil “Wal” style pickups, wired the “New way”.

E.Q. LusitHand Devices “Double NFP-SPECIAL” filter preamp. (as close to a “Wal” preamp as you can get).

Power: 18volts via a Gotoh double quick change battery box. (18volts gives additional head room).

Case: Hiscox “Liteflite” hard case with Zoot logo.

Weight: This bass came in at 8.2Lbs


4 string £2,600.00 - £2,750.00 depending on final spec's 5% discount if paying in full with order.

5 string £2,720.00 - £2,900.00 depending on final spec's 5% discount if paying in full with order.

options: Fretless at no extra charge. Left hand version at no extra charge. Above prices are for Chrome hardware.

Scale:  32" or  34" customers choice

Zoot Hard case: Included in price.

Timbers: Other timbers are available, prices on request.

Finishing: Other finishing options are available, prices on request.

Build time: 16 months from order.

Shipping:  not included, but charged at cost when the bass is ready to ship.  Or collect for free in person from the workshop.

Payments: Online bank transfer prefered. 5% discount for full payment with order (excludes shipping cost) or pay using my "Easy payment system"

Deposit:  Minimum deposit £1,000.00 GBP

Please use the "Contact" page on this website to ask for more info or additional options. If you want to place an order I will supply the payment deatils and my bank details via a personal email to your email address.

Many thanks for your kind interest in my Zoot bass range, and happy bass playing. 

Regards, Mike Walsh.

My workshop mobile phone number

  07904 350724

8.30am - 5.30pm GMT,  Monday - Friday only

(Please note, outside of these hours I will not pickup)