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      The Easy Payment System & Conditions

(I Can Ship Worldwide)

If you're considering having a hand made bass constructed to your exact requirements, the overall cost maybe the only issue stopping you from placing the order.

So, here is my way of offering a pocket friendly way to pay for your dream bass.

    Stage 1.  Decide on your specifications, shape, timbers, looks and finish etc.  To help with this, you may want to visit the workshop for a chat and see some options, or discuss your options via email or phone call.

     Stage 2.  From the specifications you have chosen, this will produce a costing for the custom instrument.

     Stage 3.  Once a price has been agreed, you are asked to pay a deposit.  Deposits are normally between £350.00 - £500.00 depending on the total cost of the project. For basses over £3,000.00, I am now asking for a minimum deposit of £1,000.00.

     Stage 4.  Once work has started, you make stage payments and I build the instrument at the same rate/timescale as you pay me. There are no strict payment amounts or dates to pay.  You pay as much or as little as you like, when you like.  That way, if your car needs an MOT or you have an unexpected bill, no worries, just leave the payments until you can afford to start paying again.  This way you are in complete control of the financial side of paying for your custom instrument, and I make it as you pay me.

     Stage 5.  During the build, you are welcome to visit me and see the progress of your custom hand made instrument.  I like a lot of input from my customers, that way we can work towards a perfect result. On visits, you may like to take pictures and keep a pictorial diary of your guitar or bass being made.  If, however, distance or time is a problem, I can keep you up-dated with progress reports including pictures and emails.  One day I do like customers to visit, is the day I do the final neck profile carve.  I like the customer to be with me whilst I work the neck.  The customer then gets to QC the neck as I work on it.  This method never fails to get perfect results, and a true individual profile that is perfect for you, and feels like an extension of your own body, rather than having to compromise with a factory finished "off the Shelf" profile.

Terms conditions  & Warranty (the NOT so small print)

I do not ask for a credit reference.  There is no interest added to this agreement, the price we agree is the price you will pay. This is a personal agreement between you "The customer" and me "The instrument maker".  (The only time you will owe more, is if you ask for additional upgrades during the build, which must be agreed and added to the outstanding total owed).

Deposits must be a minimum of £350.00 for instruments up to £1,250.00. Over this   amount I ask for £500.00 as a minimum deposit, and for instruments over £2,350.00 I ask for a deposit of £1,000.00

Deposits, and or any payments, are NON-refundable once work has started or parts/timber for your build have been ordered or purchased.

Warranty claims: I offer a one-year return to base warranty. The warranty does not include third party items such as preamps and pickups (as I do not make these items, unless it's my own Zoot branded pickups, which are covered by the warranty) The warranty only applies to my workmanship, the construction of the instrument and any other items that I have made myself that are fitted to the instrument. However, I will help as much as I can if items that are fitted to my instruments that are supplied to me by third party companies fail, but such items are not covered under this warranty. Each instrument is tested for playability and "Use of purpose" to make sure it is fully functional and working correctly in all areas before shipping.

Stage payments:  Each staged payment must be at least £150.00 or more, and are not refundable once work has started.


Delivery or collection of the instrument to the customer will only happen once all payments (full payment) is received.

Payment records are issued to the customer each time they make a payment, showing the payments made and the outstanding balance.  This is normally a running total I send to you via email.

Once you have had the instrument for six months, I offer a FREE service and setup.  This is because all new instruments need at least six months to settle. Normally, and in most cases, very little is needed to be done, but a FREE service is worth having.

Prices do not include shipping or delivery of the instrument.  Most customers collect in person or pay for the delivery as a separate item.


If you are in a position to pay in full at the time of order, I will give you a 5% discount on the total cost of your custom hand made instrument.

If you have any questions, or need help and advice about a custom bass build, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I'm happy to talk, even if it's just a first basic inquiry

Kindest regards